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Dico Repair is thanks to years of experience specialised in repair of all damages in and around the house: ranging from repair of bathtubs or showers to doors, windowsills, tiles, …


You can count on us for professional and skilled repair. Repair is our business and we keep a close eye on quality and soundness.

Our motto is:

"We repair it like it should, or we don't repair".



+32 468 28 50 19

Renovation works and small works.


Dico Repair can be used for all your small (renovation) works. We proceed professionally and with skill. We also assist you in word and deed and offer you the right solution for your wishes.

Why Choose Us?


Save time

The less time you spend with the process of repair, the more time you have for nicer things.


Eliminate concerns

Dico Repair takes away your concerns and helps wherever possible.


Economise on money

In most of the cases, the replacement of the element (for example a window or a door) is not necessary. The damages can be repaired locally perfectly without compromising the integrity of the element.

Prevent destruction work

The interior of your place can hold a big emotional value or it involves big destruction works or the damaged element is no longer available or the delivery time is long or …



"We repair it like it should, or we don't repair".

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