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A recognized distributor of all possible inserts, showers and washbasins for Belgium


With a bath in bath system you have a new bath within a day.

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Dico Repair for all your repairs. We repair almost everything.


Dico Repair is thanks to years of experience specialised in repair of all damages in and around the house: ranging from repair of bathtubs or showers to doors, windowsills, tiles, …


You can count on us for professional and skilled repair. Repair is our business and we keep a close eye on quality and soundness. Our motto is: "We repair like it should, or we don't repair".


Customer-friendliness, clear communication, a fast and good service: we make it a point of honour.


Who are we

My wife, Conny Chazitalis, and I, Dirk Beunis, run our business with our heart and soul. Our establishment in Retie (in the middle of the Belgium Kempen) is located centrally for the BENELUX.


Qualifications & Certifications

Dico repair is a certified and qualified repairer of Renolit foil

Certified and qualified repairer of Renolit foils

- Burglary-, mounting-, maintenance- or transportation damage repair

- freshening up foils that are weathered and faded by UV radiation from the sun and other weather influences

- Give Plastic, aluminum or steel windows a new look with the desired Renolit foil.

Dico repair is a qualified dealer of Novoryt.

Distributor of professional wood fillers, glossy varnish in spray cans, touch up markers in more than 60 colours, in summary: everything for a professional use. Of course, we assist you in any way with word and deed. If you want more info please Contact us

Our Team



I, Dirk Beunis, am the business owner and the technician of our company. I take to the road daily to measure up the damages, to draw up the offers and to repair the damages. In doing that, I always search for the best solution for all parties.

I, Conny Chazitalis, am co-owner and am responsible for planning, coordination and billing services. The proverb says: "behind every strong man stands an even stronger woman" and that is certainly true in our case. Any way you turn it, we work in team. That is why "Dico" is a combination of Dirk & Conny.



"We repair it like it should, or we don't repair".

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Dico Repair Bvba

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Phone: +32 468 28 50 19

E-mail: Info@dicorepair.be

TAX: BE 0651 925 320

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